Talks and Tours

The Trust is keen to engage with the local community and with specialists interested in the Trust’s numerous and varied collections. We welcome any ideas for outreach and education collaborations and projects – please do contact us!

On-site tours

how2012dThe Trust provides free tours of the Grange itself, offering a unique opportunity to see the Reading Room in action and to peek behind the scenes in the purpose-built museum store. And visitors are always fascinated to see our Shoe Digitisation Project in action in our photographic studio.

In addition to the tour, a short talk on the history of Clarks and/or the history of the Grange can be provided.

Many group visits opt to arrange a joint tour with the nearby Shoe Museum, which is available on request. This can either be carried out by Alfred Gillett Trust or Shoe Museum staff.

The Grange’s proximity to Clarks Village provides a convenient venue which can be combined with some shopping and refreshments for a longer group visit to Street and the area, if travelling from some distance. Recent group visits have included family history societies, WIs and local history groups.

Tours generally lasts 90 minutes during usual working hours. Further details are available on request.


Book of Trades LHB 36 ShoemakerThe Trust regularly gets out and about within the local community, giving free talks on the history of the Clark family, C & J Clark Ltd and the Trust’s heritage collections and current projects.

One talk is currently available, lasting approx. 60 minutes. It is richly illustrated via a PowerPoint illustration.

The topic of the talk is:

The Clarks of Street: history of the family and firm

Other topics may be available if sufficient notice is given.

If you would like to book a free talk, please get in touch for further details.

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